We do what is needed to support countries in their accession or observership efforts, be it in the form of advice, training, coaching, representation, drafting, capacity building assessment and planning, strategy design, or anything else that may be needed. This may include:

  • Obtaining observership status
  • Preparation of the “Memorandum of the Foreign Trade Regime”
  • Drafting of specific accession- related legislation and action plans
  • Help in “Questions and Replies” process and and the management of the Working Party process
  • Assistance in bilateral market access negotiations on goods and services
  • Training and coaching of negotiators, officials and stakeholders
  • Domestic awareness raising and stakeholder consultations
  • Managing post- accession processes and reforms

We understand in-depth the processes making up an accession bid as seen from the vantage point of the acceding government, and will do what is needed to assess, plan and implement it. We have developed a model framework for capacity building for accessions. And we can help existing WTO Members help acceding countries. If you need any support, speak to us!