A fast-changing international trade and investment world needs analysis of challenges as well as creative design of responses – national, regional, plurilateral, multilateral. We conduct studies and provide opinions on trade- and investment-related issues, usually upon reques, sometimes on our own initiative.

Studies and opinions on trade- related issues include, for example:

  • A study on Lebanon’s interests and prospects in trade in services, including in the broader context of its WTO accession
  • A 100+-page handbook on the PEM Convention on Pan-Euro-Mediterranean Rules of Origin for Lebanese businesses and othet stakeholders
  • A think piece for the ACP on trade in services (“Recent Trends in Services Negotiations and ACP Policy Responses”) covering bilateral, regional, multilateral and plurilateral (TISA) negotiations on trade in services
  • A multi-part analysis cum advice for/to UEMOA (West African Monetary Union) and its member states on updating needs assessments on Trade Facilitation (for the World Bank)
  • A study on the establishment of a comprehensive Trade in Services Database for Kosovo
  • A research paper on the rationale and operation (or not) of GATT Article XXIV in particular in North- South FTA negotiations
  • A major study on trade aspects of climate change policies for a WTO Member
  • A series of studies on trade- related aspects of the EPAs for the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
  • A major study for the Swiss SECO on trade- related academic capacity building in the Mekong, Southern Africa and Andean regions
  • Opinions for the Universal Postal Union on trade in postal services and on aspects of an envisage internal reform
  • Studies on non- tariff barriers for the Stability Pact of Southern and Eastern Europe
  • A comparative analysis on provisions in existing WTO agreements regarding special and differential treatment, as a contribution to the debate on cross- cutting issues in the context of the DDA negotiations on trade facilitation- commissioned by UNCTAD

We understand that economics, law and policy are often complex, an international economics, law and policy sometimes very complex. Our ambition is to be alwayson top, sometimes ahead of fhe curve.