A fast-changing international trade and investment world needs careful analysis of challenges and creative design of responses – national, regional, plurilateral, multilateral. We conduct studies and provide opinions on trade- and investment-related issues, usually upon request, sometimes on our own initiative.

Studies and opinions on trade-related issues include:

  • A study on Lebanon’s interests and prospects in trade in services, including in the broader context of its WTO accession
  • A 100+ page handbook on the PEM Convention on Pan-Euro-Mediterranean Rules of Origin for Lebanese businesses and other stakeholders
  • A think piece for the ACP on trade in services (“Recent Trends in Services Negotiations and ACP Policy Responses”) covering bilateral, regional, multilateral and plurilateral (TISA) negotiations on trade in services
  • A multi-part analysis cum advice for/to UEMOA (West African Monetary Union) and its member states on updating needs assessments on Trade Facilitation (for the World Bank)
  • A study on the establishment of a comprehensive Trade in Services Database for Kosovo
  • A research paper on the rationale and operation (or not) of GATT Article XXIV in particular in North-South FTA negotiations
  • A major study on trade aspects of climate change policies for a WTO Member
  • A series of studies on trade-related aspects of the EPAs for the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
  • A major study for the Swiss SECO on trade-related academic capacity building in the Mekong, Southern Africa and Andean regions
  • Opinions for the Universal Postal Union on trade in postal services and on aspects of an envisage internal reform
  • Studies on non- tariff barriers for the Stability Pact of Southern and Eastern Europe
  • A comparative analysis on provisions in existing WTO agreements regarding special and differential treatment, as a contribution to the debate on cross-cutting issues in the context of the DDA negotiations on trade facilitation- commissioned by UNCTAD

We understand that economics, law and policy are complex, especially in an international context. Our aim is to be on top and ahead of the curve.