We provide advice, consultations and drafting support in trade and investment policy making and regulation, within and outside the context of trade agreements and economic integration processes. Examples include advisory support to Nigeria on the reform of its trade policy, to Palestine in developing its trade policy, and to Viet Nam in complying with WTO commitments.

Prior projects in this area include:

  • Support to the government of Tonga in its Trade Policy Review (TPR)
  • Advice to the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Nigeria on the post-TPR reform of its Trade Policy
  • Advice to an African government on trade in services under both WTO and a future EPA
  • Consultations with Vietnam’s Office of the Government on post- accession implementation and policy formulation
  • Preparation of trade-related draft legislation for several governments
  • Support to UEMOA States in implementing Trade Facilitation policies and measures

We understand that trade policy is embedded in, related to, and sometimes at odds with policy making for the interests and welfare of countries and their citizens and stakeholders. We understand that trade policy makes sense only if it works with political, economic, environmental, business, social, and technological reality. And we understand that smart design – of policies, laws, regulations, and strategies – often provide the answer to vexing questions of balance, fairness and sustainability.