WTI Advisors combines a core team of experienced trade and investment practitioners with academic and consulting capacity drawn from our global network of trade and economic policy experts. We are quality people at the core, and we exclusively work with and through quality people wherever we go. WTI Advisor’s presence in Geneva, via its Geneva branch office, plays an important role in this system. WTI Advisors and its people are deeply rooted in the Geneva trade community, and that community is a bedrock of our network.

Hadil Hijazi, MA, MSc Director

Hadil Hijazi is a Director at WTI Advisors and a seasoned trade policy advisor with close to 20 years of experience in advising public and private institutions on trade and economic policy....

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Hannes Schloemann, LL.M. Director

Hannes Schloemann is a seasoned trade lawyer and trade policy advisor. Apart from being a Director of WTI Advisors he is also a partner at MSBH Rechtsanwälte. Hannes has 20...

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WTI Advisors is led by two seasoned trade policy advisors, Hadil Hijazi and Hannes Schloemann, each with two decades of experience in advising governments, businesses and other clients on trade law and trade policy in WTO (multilateral, plurilateral, bilateral) and FTA negotiations, regional integration, national policy design, legislation and regulation. They are passionate about trade as a force for good, through intelligent policy making, better regulation, creative design of trade agreements and real market access for real businesses, including SMEs and MSMEs, turning differences between poor and rich, small and big, landlocked and island, extraction and services, industrial and agricultural economies into opportunities for all. Both are experienced team leaders and passionate trainers & coaches. Between them they speak English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Clémentine Pitard Associate

Clémentine is an associate at WTI Advisors assisting in various areas from trade legal research and analysis to substantive backstopping in projects implemented by the company. She is a young French trained lawyer holder of the French certificate of aptitude for the profession of attorney-at-law (CAPA). She holds a Master’s degree in French Private Law and a Master’s degree in Market Law concluded by a thesis on public stockholdings and food security. Prior to working at WTI Advisors, she served as an intern in both the Agriculture and Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures areas of the Agriculture Division of the World Trade Organization. She joined WTI Advisors as an intern in 2015 and then as an associate from 2016 to 2017, before leaving the firm to train and take the French bar exam. In…

Tindara Santarelli Office Manager & Project Manager

Tindara Santarelli is our office manager and project manager. She was trained both in Public Management and Policy and in International Relations. Since she joined the team in November 2017, she is responsible for supervising all the administrative operations of the Company, the accounting and the coordination of efforts for the projects’ completion. She has assisted administratively our experts in our numerous projects, including “Support to Somaliland on-going negotiations with Ethiopia”,” Support to EU Indonesia CEPA negotiations”, “Support to EU – Australia & EU – New Zealand FTA Negotiations”. She has been working for NGOs before being recruited by WTIA, including Genève Tiers-Monde and Enfants du Monde, she has also a few years’ experience as a teacher in primary school. She has always been very concerned by Development issues, and…

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