We conduct tailor-made trainings and courses on virtually all aspects of international trade regulation and policy, including high-intensity hybrid trainings and coaching for diplomats and other government officials in the immediate WTO meeting context in Geneva. We design and moderate stakeholder consultations in the context of trade policy making and negotiations.

Tailor-made trainings, workshops and moderated stakeholder consultations, spanning from general introductions to highly specialized events and from three-day workshops to three-months courses, include for example:

  • Hybrid trainings ‘on the living object’ at the WTO of three groups of Indonesian trade officials on trade in services, TBT, and dispute settlement and TPR
  • On-the-ground in-depth stakeholders consultations of services sector businesses on their interests in preferential market access preferences under the LDC Services Waiver in Cambodia, Nepal, Ethiopia, The Gambia, Haiti, Senegal and Zambia
  • Training of Palestinian government and private sector “Trade in Services Units” on services policy, regulation and agreements
  • Training of officials from the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs on WTO rules and EPA negotiations
  • Tailor- made training workshop for Nepalese officials on post-accession issues
  • Compact tailor-made consultative workshops on WTO law, policy and economics in the context of accession for Palestinian and Bhutanese delegations
  • A series of post-accession workshops for officials and stakeholders in Cambodia on topics such as SPS, TBT, and services
  • Training of Tanzanian government officials on WTO dispute settlement
  • Training of government officials and GTZ project staff from Central Asian countries on trade facilitation and customs reform
  • A comprehensive three-month trade policy course for ten Vietnamese officials at the WTI
  • Trainings for government officials and private sector representatives in Suriname and Grenada on various aspects of the EC- CARIFORUM EPA
  • Training of government officials and trade lawyers from ECOWAS countries on WTO and EPA rules related to preferential trade arrangements, rules of origin and TBT

We fundamentally understand that no trade policy, no agreement, and particularly no WTO accession can be meaningfully designed, negotiated or implemented without stakeholder understanding and ownership. This requires awareness raising and consultations in the best of cases, and in-depth training, capacity building and coaching in most instances. Intelligent design and implementation are key. Our hybrid trainings in Geneva are one way of getting a multiple of the effect of boiler-plate trainings. If you need to build capacity and ownership for trade policy and negotiations, talk to us.