We provide advice, analysis, training, coaching and direct in-room support to governments and other stakeholders in the context of multilateral, regional and bilateral negotiations. We advise individual countries and groups of countries in WTO negotiations, FTA and other trade and investment negotiations and broader regional integration processes. We’re also there when these processes go in reverse, or move sideways – where needed we advise on, or in the context of, trade disintegration à la Brexit, realignment à la NAFTA 2.0, or unilateral trade policy making in times of crisis.

Examples of our support include:

  • Assistance to the CARICOM Group in the WTO and the CARICOM Secretariat’s Office of Trade Negotiations (OTN) on WTO negotiations (E-Commerce; Investment Facilitation; MSMEs; GATS/Domestic Regulation; Agriculture; Fisheries Subsidies; and WTO Reform)
  • Strategic, substantive and training support to Somaliland in its trade and transit negotiations with Ethiopia
  • Support to the EU in its FTA negotiations with Australia and New Zealand
  • Support to the EU in its FTA modernization negotiations with Mexico
  • Assistance to the EU in its CEPA negotiations with Indonesia
  • Support to the CARICOM Office of Trade Negotiations (OTN) on the preparation of a goods offer in the CARICOM- Canada FTA negotiations
  • Comprehensive direct support to the ACP Delegations in Geneva in the Doha Development Agenda negotiations
  • Support to the LDC Group on the LDC Services Waiver negotiations in the WTO
  • Support to the African Group in the DDA Negotiations on Trade Facilitation
  • Assistance to the Palestinian government and stakeholders in bilateral trade negotiations with the EC (EuroMed) and beyond

We understand in depth the substantive, but also the tactical and strategic needs of governments and thier stakeholders in the context of trade negotiations. We will be the researchers in the background, the technicians in the wings, the lawyers in the room, or the coaches in the corridors – or all of the above.