Conflicts are part of life, dispute settlement a key ingredient of the world’s trade and investment constitution. We advise and represent governments and other clients in the context of WTO and other dispute settlement proceedings. We also advise and coach governments on enhancing their dispute settlement capacities.

WTI Advisors or members of its team have advised or represented clients in the context of several WTO dispute settlement proceedings, such as

  • Brazil in the recent Brazil-Tax measures case
  • the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) in the EC Seals case
  • the ACP countries as third parties in EC- Bananas
  • Thailand in the Thai-Steel case
  • Korea in Korea-Dairy
  • Sugar producers in the context of EC-Sugar

We understand that disputes are a last resort, and will help clients avoid and prevent them where possible. We also understand that dispute settlement is an important tool, a key option in the toolbox of trade policy making and enforcement, and advise and represent our clients as and when needed. Dispute settlement also helps the system to consolidate and evolve, and assists others in working with and within that system. This is why we initiated and co-host the ‘Talking Disputes’ Series of events in Geneva.