9 Feb 2022: Webinar on Trade in Electronics under the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement

This webinar, organized under the auspices of the EU Delegation to Singapore, is happening on 9th Feb (4-6pm SGT/9-11am CET). It offers an opportunity to look at trade in the electronics sector between EU and Singapore. It will in particular provide practical, hands-on insights into how the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement provisions on technical regulations and the Electronics Annex, and how it can help EU and Singapore companies generate and capture value.

There are many forms of technical requirements mandated by countries for goods to be sold in their territories, including design and content requirements, labelling, safety standards, mandatory functions, and testing procedures. In order to demonstrate fulfilment of technical requirements, countries require differing assessment and certification procedures. These technical regulations and standards can become non-tariff barriers (TBT) to international trade.  The electronics sector – from consumer appliances to high-tech goods –is affected by, but also benefits from, standards, technical regulations and assurances of conformity.  As a result, trading these goods across borders poses numerous challenges. Electronics also underpin digitalisation, e-commerce and the digital economy, and are of great importance for Singapore, the EU and their partners.

The EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (EUSFTA), which entered into force on 21 November 2019, aims to facilitate trade between the partners above and beyond what multilateral rules.  The EUSFTA inter alia includes provisions on technical regulations and standards to ensure that Singapore and the EU do not introduce rules that are more trade restrictive than necessary. They seek to enhance transparency and promote good practices and greater regulatory cooperation. The EUSFTA also provides a possibility for easier access for EU electronic goods to Singapore by recognising various mechanisms to facilitate the acceptance of conformity assessment procedures conducted in the EU, and allowing for Self-Declaration of Conformity for products.

Register: https://bit.ly/3oaxz4i(link is external)


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